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Four Cow Farm: Review & Giveaway

I am a big fan of Four Cow Farm and have been since 2011, so I was very happy to be given the chance to try their entire range of products recently.

Some important things you should know about Four Cow Farm and their products: Four Cow Farm is an actual farm in Queensland, Australia. The Four Cow Farm range was created by a grandmother (who is also a midwife) for her grandchildren (one of whom has eczema) because she wanted them to have the best natural creams and balms possible. The Four Cow Farm range is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that do not contain parabens, propylene glycol, sulfates (ALS/SLS/SLES), cocamidopropyl betaine, artificial fragrances or colours, synthetic detergents, petrochemicals or petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils, lanolin, chlorinated water or phthalates.

Four Cow Farm

Four Cow Farm

The crazy stuff that gets added to baby products these days is scary enough to give most mums nightmares, so I’m thankful for the Four Cow Farm range of 100% natural and organic products. There are lots of great photos of and information about the Four Cow Farm products on their website so I’m going to zoom in on what I personally like about each of the products.

Baby Wash: 100% pure castile soap made from premium cold pressed extra virgin olive oil only. I have been using this on Adam from the time he was born because he has rather sensitive skin that can get quite rashy. I love how the body wash is absolutely non-drying and so gentle that it can be used all over: for hair, face, and body. I like that it’s fragrance-free because babies smell so amazing and this baby wash doesn’t cover up their natural scent.

Baby Lotion: Made from pure cold pressed extra virgin sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, infused with rosemary leaf extract. For me, with the humidity in Singapore, the most important thing for moisturisers is that they must be easily and quickly absorbed without being sticky. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy applying the soothing Four Cow Farm baby lotion on your kids too.

Baby Oil: A blend of pure cold pressed apricot, macadamia and almond extra virgin oils with organic chamomile and rosemary. I’ve not tried using this as a massage oil but it was very useful in calming and soothing Adam’s scalp when he had cradle cap as a baby. I also use it for extra dry patches of skin on the kids.

Nappy Cream: A barrier cream and emollient combining the anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil, the safeguarding actions of sunflower seed oil, the nourishing, strengthening anti-oxidant benefits of soy lecithin and the protective qualities of zinc oxide. This nappy cream is so easy to carry around and it’s a must-have in my diaper bag. Very soothing and moisturising while protecting baby’s sensitive bits. I love this!

Tea Tree Remedy: A protective balm made from extra virgin cold pressed castor and macadamia oils and beeswax, with tea tree pure essential oil. This is definitely my favourite thing in the Four Cow Farm range. I’ve gone through quite a few of these little tubs. It used to be called Nappy Balm but has been renamed because there are so many other wonderful ways to use it. Another one of those things that’s really useful to have in the diaper bag because my kids fall down and get hurt all the time!

Also (and I know I make him sound like a really problematic kid), Adam has a sensitive stomach so he gets diarrhoea quite often and his butt becomes horribly red with nappy rash. This Tea Tree Remedy is the only thing that will soothe it. Also great for cuts, scrapes and insect bites. And I love the way it smells.

Calendula Remedy: Made with 80% calendula-infused olive oil, with Vitamin E and Roman Chamomile, and beeswax. Calendula has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so this balm is perfect for all sorts of skin irritations. While the Tea Tree Remedy is my favourite product in the Four Cow Farm range, this is a close second. Can be used on skin affected by eczema or hives and also soothes dry lips and sore nipples (if you are/ were a breastfeeding mum, you know what I mean).

By the way, what’s good for baby is good for mummy. All the Four Cow Farm products are obviously suitable for adults too. I’m sensitive to perfumes and fragrances but this range is so natural that I’ve used almost everything in it on myself too.


I believe in sharing good things so Four Cow Farm is giving away 3 Four Cow Farm Baby Kits (worth S$52.90) to 3 special readers. To qualify, simply do the following by 27 Mar 2013, 2359H:

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From now until 20 April 2013, you can get 10% off anything in the Four Cow Farm Singapore online store with the code WEEFARM2013. Just type that into the voucher code box when you’re checking out. There is free delivery on all orders above $45.

If you’re buying Four Cow Farm as a gift, you can get the items beautifully gift-wrapped and delivered by courier with a personalised note (handwritten on a handmade card!) for just $8 for a limited time. The Four Cow Farm kits and gift packs would make lovely gifts for a friend who is expecting or has a baby.

Disclaimer: I was given a set of Four Cow Farm products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Four Cow Farm

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