Funky Feet Fashions Review & Giveaway

We received a pair of Funky Feet Fashions shoes from Baby’s Breath recently and they are unbelievably cute! There are many other adorable designs available on their website and they all look so soft and comfy.

Funky Feet Fashions shoes are handmade in UK using quality materials and are perfect for young children who are learning to walk because the flexible soles allow the child to feel the floor and this is ideal for promoting a natural gait and good posture. I love being barefooted and I usually walk around the office without shoes on. Adam also likes to take his shoes off at every opportunity so Funky Feet Fashions is great for him to run around in.

I really appreciate the fact that the shoes stay on Adam’s feet without slipping off and that they are machine-washable. The soles are non-slip suede and the lining is 100% cotton. I wish they made them in my size so I could traipse around in a pair in the office!

hard to get a picture of him not moving

hard to get a picture of him not moving

Funky Feet Fashions

Funky Feet Fashions

cute sausage dog design

cute sausage dog design


Win a $50 online shopping voucher from Baby’s Breath, the official distributor of Funky Feet Fashions in Singapore! You can use the voucher to get a pair of these shoes, but there are also cute tees, playsuits and hats available. To qualify, simply do the following by 18 Apr 2013, 2359H:

1. Like the ‘In the Wee Hours’ Facebook page.
2. Like the ‘Funky Feet Fashions Singapore’ Facebook page.
3. Leave a comment here telling me which Funky Feet Fashions footwear design you fancy!

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Funky Feet Fashions shoes for review purposes. All opinions are my own.



Congrats to Jocelyn! :)

11 thoughts on “Funky Feet Fashions Review & Giveaway

  1. Elizabeth Yeo

    I would love to win the Ellie pink or Ellie blue shoes to match the Ellie outfits my daughter has (one of which was given by a dear dear friend of ours :p). Thanks :)


  2. Chris Li

    I would like the cat ones since we have a cat at home. The cat will be so confused when our little girl runs around in a pair of catty shoes. That would be amusing…

  3. Kylie Lim

    I would love to win the Ellie pink shoes for my baby girl. She is learning to walk. The shoes looked pretty and comfy. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


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