New Bike for Anya

Anya on her Polygon

Anya looking serious on her Polygon

Adam on the Radio Flyer

Adam on the Radio Flyer

after cycling

after cycling

Adrian bought Anya a new bike for her birthday. It’s a green Polygon that we found at Rodalink and it has training wheels, a basket and a little seat for her baby doll. We have been practising on the stretch of pavement in front of the condo next to ours and she’s really liking it so far. Adam has taken over the Radio Flyer tricycle but needs a helmet.

I hope Anya learns to cycle without training wheels this year. I still remember how thrilling it was the first time I managed to cycle for real without relying on the wheels! We were living at my grandma’s place in Little India and we learnt how to cycle at the back lane behind the shophouse. The slow realisation of, “Hey! I’m balancing! I’m actually cycling on my own!” which was followed by me losing control of the bike and crashing. But the few seconds before the crash were so sweet!

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