Giveaway: GV Mums & Babies Promotion


I love watching movies and used to watch tons of them before the kids came along. Now the husband and I sneak off for the occasional movie date about once a month. We try to take the kids to shows that are appropriate for them now and then but Adam hasn’t quite learnt to sit still so I spend a lot of time trying to stop him from running around and also apologising to people when he tries to steal their popcorn or touch the back of their head!

I think mums with babies definitely find it hard to catch a decent movie. If you’re still dealing with diapers for example, a diaper change in the middle of a movie means having to hunt down a toilet with the necessary facilities and missing a substantial chunk of the movie! One of the best things about the GV Mums & Babies promotion is the provision of diaper tables with wet wipes in the cinema hall. And since everyone else there is watching the movie with a baby or young kid, you don’t have to worry about having dirty looks directed at you when your baby fusses.


GV invited me to their Mums & Babies screening next Tuesday but since I’m a FTWM and can’t make it, I’m giving away 3 tickets to the mums who can make it. I haven’t seen Wreck-It Ralph but I heard it’s good and it was nominated for Best Animated Film in the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

Date: Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Time: 12pm
Movie: Wreck-It Ralph
Venue: GV City Square

The participation period for this giveaway will be shorter than my usual ones because the movie’s next Tuesday and I will need time to collect the info from the winners and pass the info along to GV. Please note that each winner will get one ticket. Children below 90cm get free admission, so if your kid is more than 90cm, you’ll need to purchase another ticket.

To qualify, simply do the following by 25 May 2013, 2359H:

1. Like the ‘In the Wee Hours’ Facebook page.
2. Share the GV Mums & Babies post (on my Facebook page).
3. Leave a comment here telling me what you like about the GV Mums & Babies promotions!



Congrats to Huixian, Shawna and Jackie! To the rest, thank you for taking part and do try again in my current giveaway!

7 thoughts on “Giveaway: GV Mums & Babies Promotion

  1. Jolin Poon

    Liked n shared.

    I like GV Mums and Babies promotion because I can bring my kid to watch movie together without having to worry that he will disturb the other movies goers.

  2. Huixian

    Had shared.. :)
    I like the GV mums and babies promo coz I can enjoyed the movie with my kids without worrying that they will disturb others and my gal loves to watch cartoons.. lol

  3. nosconsua


    I hope to bring my girl to the first movie of her lifetime. As she is very active, I have always put off bringing her to the movies but this will be s grest chance for her to check out a movie in an actual cinema and I might just let her skip school on that day too. She will love love love going to the movies with mummy!

    Watch a movie with a cinema full of babies and tots. They are free to run about and yell to their hearts’ content. What could be better?

  4. Shawna

    The first time I brought my toddler to the movies, he was so in awed by the whole experience, he forgot to eat the popcorns. Hubby and I tot he didn’t want it so we finished the whole tub between ourselves. My boy only remembered the popcorns after the movie and he was soooooo upset to learnt that we finished it. :P
    I’ve been thinking of bringing him to the movies again and “compensate” him with some popcorns. This promo sounds like a great chance to do so.


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