Havaianas for the Little Ones: Disney Princesses & Cars!

Anya got her very first pair of Havaianas when she was about 16 months old. They were a very tiny plain white pair that I’d bought from Brazil and were the smallest possible size. Can’t believe her feet used to be so teensy weensy!

her first Havaianas

her first Havaianas

Havaianas now come in so many interesting and adorable designs for children. I wish that some of the kiddy designs came in grown-up sizes too! The kids were each given a pair of Havaianas from the Disney series recently. Anya chose a Cinderella pair and Adam picked a blue pair from the Baby Cars range.

They wore them to the pool the other day and were happily stomping around in the comfortable slippers for the rest of the day. Anya couldn’t stop admiring her Cinderella flip-flops and Adam was just so chuffed to have slippers like his sister’s.

Cinderella and Cars

Cinderella and Cars

perfect for a pool day

perfect for a pool day

with his first pair of Havaianas

with his first pair of Havaianas

Anya tries to wear her Havaianas everywhere, even if they don’t match her outfit, and we usually let her unless we’re going to a place requiring something a little more formal than flip-flops. Adam loves his Havaianas too and tries to wear them every single day.

she loves wearing them everywhere

she loves wearing them everywhere

The Disney Princess, Kids Minnie and Baby cars collections are available at motherswork and Mothercare (except Causeway Point) at $29.90 for Disney Princess and Minnie, and $26.90 for Baby Cars. Here are some of the other designs in the Disney series!

Havaianas kids slim princess_C_ama (299x450) Havaianas Havaianas kids minnie_C_amarelo bebe (300x450) kids minnie_C_branco (300x450)


I have one pair of Havaianas from the Disney series to give away! To qualify, simply do the following by 1 JUNE 2013, 2359H:

1. Like the ‘In the Wee Hours’ Facebook page.
2. If you are a Twitter user, follow Havaianas Singapore on Twitter.
3. Leave a comment here answering the following question, “If you could be a Disney character for a day, who would you be and why?”

Looking forward to reading all the comments! :)


Thank you to all who took part! I really enjoyed reading your creative comments! Sadly, I can choose only one winner. Congratulations to Oliomok! To the rest, I am having another giveaway for Shiseido sun protection cream ending 6 June 2013.


Disclaimer: I was given two pairs of Havaianas for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


34 thoughts on “Havaianas for the Little Ones: Disney Princesses & Cars!

  1. Phyllis Tan

    I would want to Disney Cars– Lightning McQueen cos my boy loves cars, especially racing car. And I can drive him around and let him have a feel of a racer….

  2. Carol

    i would like to be mickey mouse because he is a classic, timeless character who always makes kids laugh. i’d like to make my children happy at all times.

  3. Lynn Soh

    I’d wish to be Cinderella’s fairy godmother so that I can transform my two girls into princesses for a day!

  4. Elizabeth Yeo

    I would want to be Belle (Beauty and the Beast)- she lives in France and was known to be a nonconformist , loyal, stubborn, loves adventures and books and wanted to marry for love.

  5. Chris Li

    I would like to be Mickey Mouse because he has stayed relevant to kids over a long period of time, since the 1920s. I hope that as a parent, I’ll be the same and stay relevant to my child throughout all the different stages of her life.

  6. Mabel

    I want to be Mulan. She took her father’s place in war and she fought to defend her country and loved ones. She started out as a girl who didn’t know anything about fighting, but with perseverance and strong will power, she did almost everything a man could in a war. I want to have her kind of bravery, perseverance and will power to fight and defend for my loved ones, when necessary.

  7. sherylcpc23

    Everyday, I look forward to having my beauty sleep after the tiring long hours of work. Hope to be Sleeping Beauty! Enjoy the best beauty sleep with the Happily Ever After Effect. :)

  8. olimomok

    Do the Havaianas make the kids trip up? Sean has been bugging me for a pair but he is so klutzy even in proper shoes I am very reluctant to buy for him!

    Can I be Aladdin? So I can ride on the magic carpet all I want. (Am so not a ‘Disney princess’ haha)

  9. PeiShan

    Can I be Walt Disney himself? coz he is creative enough to produce so many characters, loved by children all over the world. (very greedy heehee)

  10. Priscilla K

    I would really like to be Tinker Bell as I’d love to be able to fly and to share the fun with my family and friends by sprinkling some pixie dust onto them!

  11. Eileen

    I would love to be belle because my daughter loves everything about belle and I can spend a wonderful time with my daughter :)

  12. denise wong

    The prince (partner of Snow White) because Snow white is my elder daughter’s favourite character and if I were the prince, it would thrill her!

  13. selenaquah

    I would want to be Merida from Brave. She’s spunky and free spirited with a mind of her own. I would love to ride a horse like she does too. And she has gorgeous hair haha

  14. Mummybean

    Haha, that’s an interesting question! Wow, which character have I not wanted to be, over the years? Off hand, I think I would like to be Peter Pan – fighting pirates and being forever young!

  15. YK Kerk

    It will be Mater from Cars cos he is warmth, fun, humble and generous spirit and his capacity to see & bring out the best in others. ;-)

  16. shenny

    I wanna be Snow White. Kind at heart. Rich by nature because she is the daughter of a King. Got even richer after marrying the Prince!
    Conclusion: I wanna be rich, pretty, kind and loved by everyone!

  17. prectitude

    If I could be a disney princess for a day, I would like to be Ariel, the little mermaid!
    Reason: I cant swim in real life, I cant enjoy the corals and fishes like others do when they snorkel into deep sea.. I wish I could be Ariel and swim like a fish, I could then describe every details to my lovely kids every night after I m back to reality! Wow just e tot alone could make me smile! Thanks for bringing out the child in me!

    Email: prectitude@yahoo.com
    Name: Kathy Woon-Tan


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