Anya’s First Solo Performance

A few weeks ago, Anya’s piano teacher told us that there would be a mini performance coming up for some of the students to perform in front of parents and other students. She asked if Anya would like to take part as well and we told her Anya wasn’t really comfortable with performing in front of others. Surprisingly though, Anya agreed to perform and she played two little tunes – Mrs White had a Fright and Hot Cross Buns – in front of a small audience.

She was the youngest one there and she went last. I thought she would chicken out before her turn, especially since a much older boy sat down at the piano and burst into hysterical tears after playing a few notes. I think I was more nervous than her though! She went through the performance very seriously but finished it without a hitch. So proud of her!

Two screenshots from the video of the performance:

introducing herself before the performance

introducing herself before the performance

playing seriously

playing seriously

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