ColorWash Mummy Blogger Event

On the day we were to leave for our holiday, we dropped by ColorWash at Mandarin Gallery for their Mummy Blogger Event to check out their new cleaning services for children items. We brought along Anya’s grubby schoolbag and one of my moldy-smelling leather bags for cleaning.

ColorWash is the first and the leading professional cleaning service provider in Singapore and it offers colouring, transparent coating, water protection, degreasing and moisturising services as well. ColorWash also offers a range of products for leather care including charcoal bags, and cleaning and protection cream wipes.

I’m happy to report that Anya’s schoolbag came back looking brand new and my leather bag doesn’t smell funky anymore! Do check out their services and prices here.

inspecting the cleanliness of the place

inspecting the cleanliness of the place

mad grin

mad grin

posing with Gemma

posing with Gemma, founder of ColorWash

Anya holding her precious macarons

Anya hugging her precious Laduree macarons from ColorWash

Disclaimer: We were invited for the event and Anya’s schoolbag was cleaned for free while I got a 20% discount for the cleaning of my leather bag.

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