Poh Cheu Soon Kueh & Ang Ku Kueh

I have the habit of indulging any random craving I get and the other day I saw a colleague biting into a plump ang ku kueh and immediately I was dying to have some too. Since we were at IKEA on Saturday, I popped by Poh Cheu for some ang ku kueh. There were only about ten people ahead of me in the queue but it took about 25 minutes before it was my turn because the people in front of me each bought enough to feed a small army.

the queue

the queue

png kueh & soon kueh

png kueh & soon kueh

ang ku kueh & friends

ang ku kueh & friends

I was initially planning to buy just a few pieces of ang ku kueh but after waiting for 25 minutes, I decided to get some soon kuehpng kueh and abacus seeds as well. I bought tau sar, green tea, black sesame and peanut ang ku kueh and Adrian loved the peanut ones so much he wanted to go back the next day for more (but they are closed on Sunday).

The skin of the ang ku kueh is not too thick and is super soft and the filling is not too sweet. Very yummy. The soon kueh is very good too, definitely one of the best I’ve had, with soft thin skin and fresh filling. The png kueh is ordinary, but decent.

I need to make another visit to Poh Cheu soon because there are so many other flavours of ang ku kueh (e.g. yam, salty tau sar, durian) that I didn’t get to try and the orh kueh was sold out so it must be really good and worth buying too! I think I should have a kueh party where I serve nothing but different types of sweet and savoury kueh! Yum!

Poh Cheu
Blk 127 #01-230
Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150127
Open from 8am to 6pm, Mon-Sat

1 thought on “Poh Cheu Soon Kueh & Ang Ku Kueh

  1. growingwiththetans

    This post made me go out the next morning to buy some png kuehs, soon kuehs, and cabbage kuehs, from my favourite Yong’s Teochew Kueh shop! If you’re ever in the Kovan area, you must go and get some to try too.


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