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Adam the Picky Eater

Adam loves to eat but he is very particular about what he eats. Like his sister, he is quite a carb monster and can be perfectly happy with just rice/ noodles and soup, and he doesn’t really eat any vegetables and only eats certain fruits. Unlike his sister, however, he only likes Chinese food! So when we were in Europe for two weeks, he barely ate anything except for the one or two times we had Asian food and we were quite worried that he wasn’t getting enough nutrients.

biting chunks off but not really eating!!

biting chunks off but not really eating!!

While we do our best to provide a balanced diet for the kids, I was more than happy to try out S-26 PE Gold formula for picky eaters. Since picky eaters may miss out on essential nutrients, S-26 PE Gold is there as a back-up to ensure that they get all the nutrients they need for growth and development.


Adam likes the taste of the S-26 PE Gold formula and I enjoy that extra peace of mind I get knowing that with over 25 essential nutrients found in all the major food groups, he’s not missing out on anything that he needs to be strong and healthy. He even looks less scrawny! If only we had some S-26 PE Gold with us during our Europe holiday!

Some additional information about S-26 PE Gold:

  • suitable for children between 1 and 10 years of age
  • fortified with DHA, AA, Choline and Taurine to help ensure mind health development
  • fortified with Lutein that helps protect the developing eye from harmful blue light & oxidative damage
  • contains Oligofructose-soluble dietary fiber and a balanced calcium & phosphorus ratio for calcium absorption
  • contains alpha-lactabulmin (alpha protein) a component of whey protein which is readily easily digested, absorbed and tolerated
  • contains vitamins C, D, E, folic acid, iron, calcium and zinc which picky eaters may not get through diet alone.


Is your kid a picky eater like Adam? Does your child do any of the following: skip meals, eat too little, eat too slowly, display unwillingness to try new foods, eat a limited variety of food, show little interest in food, or eat a limited amount of fruits & vegetables? If so, you may want to try S-26 PE Gold for picky eaters.

I’m giving away 2 x 600g pouches of S-26 PE Gold to 3 winners! Each 600g pouch is worth $22.60, so each winner will receive $45.20 worth of S-26 PE Gold. Please note that the winners will have to collect the pouches from a central location or somewhere in the West!

To qualify, simply do the following by 7 Sept 2013, 2359H (Singapore time):

1. Like the ‘In the Wee Hours’ Facebook page.
2. Leave a comment here telling me what picky eating signs your child displays!



Congratulations to the winners! You will be contacted shortly. Thank you to everyone for taking part.

Disclaimer: We received S-26 PE Gold formula for review purposes. All opinions are my own.