Daily Archives: August 31, 2013

Look for the Boy with the Broken Smile..

at the dentist

at the dentist

Adam had a pretty bad fall yesterday. According to my mum, they were having breakfast at the food centre and he slipped off his seat, fell backwards and smashed his chin against the seat. I left work early and rushed to my mum’s place.

Adam was in good spirits when I got there and was happily playing with his sister. He didn’t want to show me his teeth but I could see that his bottom lip was cut. I put some lavender oil on the wound to stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling. He was very upset about that because lavender oil is extremely foul-tasting.

I couldn’t get a good look at his teeth and gums so we got him to take a nap and while he was sleeping, I saw that his front left incisor was completely bashed out of position and his gums were bleeding. Later that day, we took him to the dentist and the conclusion was that we had to wait and see if the teeth stabilise or turn grey and fall out. We haven’t decided if we should consult a paediatric dentist yet.

Yesterday night, I took a closer look at his teeth and saw that the first four or five teeth on the right side of his mouth are all either broken or bashed into the gums. He looks really terrible when he smiles. I’m quite heartbroken because I’ve always loved his cheeky little grin and now it’s all messed up. He also looks like some character from The Simpsons because his top lip is still swollen and sticking out.

I know it’s just teeth and his adult teeth will come in eventually so the damage is not permanent but I’m feeling really down about the whole incident. I also know that it is inevitable that children fall down and get hurt but I just wish I could form some safety bubble around him so I could protect him all the time. Sigh.