Adam’s Teeth: An Update

at the dentist

at the dentist

Adrian decided to take Adam to see Dr Rashid Tashir, a dental specialist in paediatric dentistry, at The Kids Dentist. According to Adrian, the dentist took one look at Adam and declared that he needed to have an X-ray taken because there might be fractures. The X-ray showed that 2 teeth were bashed in so far that they may have damaged the adult teeth inside and we will only know for sure and be able to fix them when his adult teeth grow out. 2 or 3 other teeth were bashed in but not far enough to damage the adult teeth and the dentist said that all the bashed-in teeth are likely to revert to their original position on their own. However, his gums were still swollen and bleeding and we were told to keep his teeth and gums very clean to prevent infection.

We had a follow-up yesterday and there is some improvement in his teeth position but we were informed that we are not doing a very good job of keeping his teeth and gums clean! Argh. It’s quite heartbreaking because he’s obviously in pain when we try to brush his teeth and there’s some blood since his gums are still swollen. Adrian says to just go for it but I want to cry and run away when I see the blood on the toothbrush!  :(

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