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Groovy Baby! – The Groovy Giraffe

Few things can get me as excited as books and cheap books make me doubly excited! I used to spend hours digging around in my favourite second-hand bookstore before emerging with an armful of dusty books, and a huge grin on my face. Pure bliss.

Now that I read off a Kindle, I get my book-buying high mainly from children’s books, so I was over the moon when I found out about The Groovy Giraffe. I love that I can get good children’s books for a bargain AND without leaving the house. With the unpredictable (and often, gloomy) weather, the crowds and dismal parking situation in the shopping centres, it’s such a relief to be able to shop online.

The Groovy Giraffe is Singapore’s first official online remainder bookshop. The books are brand new, overprints and heavily discounted. They have an excellent range of books available, and while you may not be able to find every single book you want, you’ll save loads on the ones you do find!

our three new books

our three new books



Some of our favourite children’s authors include Eric Carle, Oliver Jeffers, Julia Donaldson, Dr. Seuss and Lauren Child. You’ll find books by these writers (and more!) on The Groovy Giraffe, but for significantly less.

For our most recent purchase, we bought ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Books’ by Julia Donaldson, and ‘The Way Back Home’ & ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ by Oliver Jeffers. I like to use OO.sg to do a price comparison before I buy a book online. This is the price comparison for ‘The Way Back Home’, this is for ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ and this is the one for ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’. I bought my copies for $6.90, $7.90 and $8.90 respectively from The Groovy Giraffe. In total, just by comparing with the next cheapest option, I saved about $10 on the 3 books. Plus, the books were delivered within 2 days!

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As usual, I want to share this great deal with those who read this blog so use the coupon code ‘WEEHOURS‘ to get 5% off (except bargains) when you shop at The Groovy Giraffe. They have some new arrivals so it’s the perfect time to check them out! You won’t regret it. :)

Disclaimer: I am part of a blogger affiliate programme with The Groovy Giraffe, and received store credit and a discount. All opinions are my own.