Bishan Park

We made it to Grub on Hari Raya and were just in time to get the last available table. The people behind us in the queue had to wait about an hour for a table. We still had to wait quite a bit for our food so the kids and I went to play while Adrian stayed and chit-chatted with a friend he bumped into.

Bishan Park

I really like to let the kids run around outdoors whenever possible to get some fresh air and be with nature but Singapore is often too hot or too rainy. So we took advantage of the cool weather that evening to climb rocks, run around, and look at plants and the little creatures under the rocks.

Bishan Park

Adam loves dogs but doesn’t really know how to be gentle with them yet. We saw this little fellow running around and the owners were nice enough to let Adam sit with the dog and manhandle it. When they had to leave, Adam crossed his arms and declared, “I’m so angry with Dog!”, then started crying and tearfully said, “I want Dog!” My poor little sweetheart!

Bishan Park

After dinner (and after cleaning lots of chocolate from our churros dessert off Adam), we let the kids scoot around for a bit. Anya’s pretty good at scooting but likes it when one of us follows her around as she scoots. Adam’s still getting the hang of using one foot to move himself around so he was mainly enjoying the ride while being pushed around.

Bishan Park

Give me a cool evening in the park over air-conditioning in the shopping mall any time. I love to watch the kids having fun running and climbing and playing. Can’t wait to go to Bishan Park again!

Bishan Park

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