Goodbye Kumquat! Hello Henry!

good old kumquat

good old kumquat

Kumquat is the Nissan Qashqai +2 that has served our family very well for the last three years. (By the way, ‘Kumquat’ because that’s Jeremy Clarkson’s nickname for the car in an episode of Top Gear.) But we need a bit more space soon so we started looking for a new old car a couple of weeks ago. Knowing how fast Adrian works once he sets his mind on something, I insisted on taking a family photo with Kumquat 2 Sundays ago even though it was drizzling. I’ll really miss Kumquat because it’s the car that’s been with us the longest out of all the cars we’ve had since we got married. I hope he’s treated well by his next owner!

our new ride, Henry

our new ride, Henry

Henry is our new old car. He’s about the same age as Kumquat and almost exactly the same colour but significantly more spacious inside. He’s called Henry because he’s a Mazda 8 (Henry VIII, get it? We have a very strange unique sense of humour…) I’m loving the sliding doors, the different air-conditioning temperature settings for the driver and front seat passengers, the space to put all our barang (like cups and bottles and phones), and the fact that we can start giving lifts to people now that there’s more room. I think Henry’s going to be with us for a while! Welcome to the family.

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