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Frozen: the COOLEST Show in Town!


with some friends

with some friends

Anya wants to change her name to Elsa! She decided this after watching the preview of Frozen with my aunt last Tuesday while we were off celebrating our anniversary. Frozen is Disney’s latest animated movie and is based on Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Elsa is the Snow Queen and Anya thinks she’s theĀ coolest. I haven’t seen Frozen yet but I really want to after watching the trailer and listening to Anya talk on and on about the show. She thinks the show is super funny, loves the songs and wants to watch the show again!

I can’t wait to go and watch Frozen when it’s released on 28 November. For a great review, as well as suggested activities that can be done in conjunction with the movie, hop on over to Princess Dana Diaries!