The Marshmallow Tree

The following review originally appeared on Brunch with my Baby on 1 December. It’s a great site if you are constantly on the lookout for kid-friendly places to eat and play at!

The Marshmallow Tree

The Marshmallow Tree is a little café in the quiet housing estate of Telok Blangah, just a short distance away from the hustle and bustle Vivocity and Harbourfront.

The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree

The Marshmallow Tree is a whimsical place: a swing in one corner, cozy mismatched chairs, a chalkboard wall, street lamps, a ceiling painted like the sky and a huge Domokun plush. Anya made a beeline for the brown creature and harassed it (him?) for a bit before settling down to draw at the chalkboard wall.

The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree

We weren’t particularly hungry so we ordered a chicken pie and a domo cup. There’s no real hot meal on the menu and savoury items consist mainly of pies, wraps and sandwiches. As the name of the café indicates, the focus here is on marshmallow-based desserts. Every drink ordered also comes with a complimentary toasted marshmallow on a stick.

The Marshmallow Tree

The café latte ($4.50) was very decent. Those who prefer a drink without caffeine may want to try the pretty pink rose latte which I saw quite a few diners ordering.

The Marshmallow Tree

The chicken pie ($4.50) was quite ordinary but Anya enjoyed it. It makes a good snack for the kids.

The Marshmallow Tree

The domo cup ($4.80) was a yummy and decadent dessert of toasted marshmallows, cream cheese, Mars bar with a biscuit base. Some people may find it a bit too sweet but Anya and I were quite happy to eat it all up.

The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree The Marshmallow Tree

Anya kept herself entertained by annoying giant Domokun, swinging on the swing and drawing on the chalkboard wall so I could enjoy my latte and dessert in relative peace. I am quite fond of toasted marshmallows so I wouldn’t mind dropping by again for coffee and dessert after I’ve had a proper meal somewhere else.

Last Bite: The Marshmallow Tree is great for those with a sweet-tooth but doesn’t offer much in the way of proper meals. Kids won’t be bored though!

High chairs: No
Easy Access: Yes
Change Tables: No
Kids’ Menu: No

The Marshmallow Tree
46 Telok Blangah Drive #01-82
Singapore 100046
Phone: 98521210
Prices: $$
Hours: Tue – Fri: 10:00 – 22:00, Sat, Sun & PH: 09:00 – 22:00

2 thoughts on “The Marshmallow Tree

  1. tambourina

    Thanks for sharing this great site! Usually I’ll visit your blog when I’m looking for interesting eateries to bring my 3yo, I’m so glad to have one more resource, yay! Anya looked like she had a lot of fun at Marshmallow tree :)


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