Elly CNY Collection: The Horse Parade

Elly is my favourite place to get clothes for the kids. I love the colourful fabrics they use for their dresses and shirts and the kids love wearing the clothes. The best thing about the clothes from Elly is that they don’t go out of shape in the wash (and I’m the sort who dumps all the clothes into the washing machine without bothering to put them in laundry bags) and the colours don’t fade! This is important because Anya wears her Elly dresses ALL THE TIME. I also like to dress the kids up in matching outfits while I can still get away with it. ;)

So I was delighted when Anya was chosen to be part of their CNY collection photoshoot. She was more than happy to lend Auntie Audrey a hand and to dress up in pretty clothes. Their beautiful CNY collection ‘The Horse Parade‘ will be launched tomorrow (Monday, 16 Dec 2013) at 6pm and there are 32 styles in 6 lovely fabric designs. The Horse Parade is available for reservation so you can send them an email with the design and size you want.

Some photos of Anya in the CNY collection. Check out the rest of the collection here!

Tinkerbell dress in White Horses

Tinkerbell dress in White Horses

also comes in a Lily style

also available in a Lily style (pictured), a cheongsam, a mandarin-collared shirt and bermudas

cheongsam in Red Horses

cheongsam in Red Horses

Red Horses

Red Horses as a mandarin collar shirt, a Twirly skirt and a Tinkerbell dress

Lily dress in Horse Parade

Lily dress in Horse Parade (Anya’s favourite)

also available as a cheongsam

also available as a cheongsam (pictured) and a Twirly skirt

rainbow horseshoe

girls’ shorts in Rainbow Horseshoe; also available as a cheongsam, Tinkerbell dress, Lily dress and Twirly skirt

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