SSO Babies’ Prom 2013

The day after getting back from Legoland, I took both kids to SSO Babies’ Prom. It was Anya’s 3rd Babies’ Prom and Adam’s 1st. I wasn’t in a very good mood when the performance started because we rushed all the way to Esplanade from City Hall MRT station and I was very tired and out-of-breath from carrying Adam most of the way.

We made it just in time and I think the kids enjoyed it although Adam was terribly fidgety throughout and didn’t want to sit on his booster seat. The performance was very similar to last year’s (and the one in 2010) but I guess the formula works well with the kids.

Uncle Peter introduced the different sections of the orchestra, got each section to play a bit, then added on one section at a time until the whole orchestra was playing. Then they encouraged the kids to move along to the music, swaying like trees and marching like soldiers.  This was followed by the bit where a few kids go up to conduct and inevitably there’s at least one kid who conducts faster and faster and faster to the amusement of the audience.

At the end, when they invited kids up on stage, Anya sprinted up on her own but Adam and I had to be content with standing in front and blocking everyone because the stage had reached its limit. We met Mummybean up front though and the kids got to hang out for a bit. Like her, I will probably take Adam to watch Babies’ Prom again next year but it’s probably time for Anya to move on!

SSO Babies' Prom

SSO Babies’ Prom

Anya managed to get on stage at the end

Anya managed to get on stage at the end

the kids

the kids

on the way home

on the way home


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