Pasta La Vista at Swensen’s

I love my carbs and I’m delighted that Swensen’s, one of our favourite family-friendly restaurants, has four new fusion pastas on the menu from today to 30 April. The exciting flavours are definitely worth trying out!

four new pastas

four new pastas

My personal favourite is the Chili King Prawn Pasta ($17.50). Juicy king prawns are served over spaghetti in a tangy homemade chili crab sauce. The balanced sweet and spicy flavours really appeal to me and it is such a comforting dish. I can imagine Anya enjoying this even though it’s slightly spicy!

Chili King Crab Pasta

Chili King Prawn Pasta

Adrian’s vote goes to the Japanese-inspired Short Ribs Shabu Shabu Pasta ($16.50). Angel hair pasta with tender shabu shabu beef, mushroom, quail eggs and cherry tomatoes in a homemade chicken broth is light on the palate but doesn’t compromise on taste. He’ll probably have to share it with Adam who is a big fan of soup.

Short Ribs Shabu Shabu Pasta

Short Ribs Shabu Shabu Pasta

The Crabmeat Squid Ink Pasta ($17.50) in a yummy cream sauce has sweet chunks of crabmeat and shimeji mushroom. Very tasty and hearty, this is perfect for those who love cream-based pasta dishes. Great for kids!

Crabmeat Squid Ink Pasta

Crabmeat Squid Ink Pasta

The Mac ‘N’ Chic Laksa ($16.50) with succulent chicken skewers and quail eggs over a bed of macaroni in Singaporean laksa paste is a spicy delight that is sure to please where Asian flavours are preferred.

Mac 'N' Chic Laksa

Mac ‘N’ Chic Laksa

Complete your pasta meal with any of the refreshing iced teas ($5.90). There is Blackcurrant with Passionfruit Tea, Peach Tea and Green Tea Apple Soda. I love the last one because it really helps to quench the thirst in the recent heatwave that we are having!

Green Tea Apple Soda

Green Tea Apple Soda

The pasta dishes and iced teas are available at all Swensen’s outlets (except Bugis Junction) until 30 April. Check them out while you can!


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