My Art Studio

There was an article in The Straits Times on Friday about art jamming and one of the art studios mentioned was My Art Studio. Anya attended a session there the Saturday before David joined us and it was a great experience for her.

Every art lesson at My Art Studio covers several aspects on the Learning Palette, a holistic approach developed by My Art Studio that integrates the best practices of early childhood and art education and is built upon multiple intelligence and experiential learning.

For the session that day, the kids did a self-portrait! First, they tried drawing a picture of themselves with a continuous line while their eyes were closed. Then they did a few drafts to plan what they wanted the final drawing on the canvas to look at. Finally, they draw their portrait on the canvas before adding paint.

I think Anya was actually doing quite well with her self-portrait right until the end when she abruptly  decided to mix all the colours on her picture together. But she enjoyed the process and I think that’s just as important as the final product!

My Art Studio

learning about self-portrait

My Art Studio

how to do a line drawing

My Art Studio

drawing with her eyes closed

My Art Studio

getting started on the canvas

My Art Studio

applying paint

For the March school holidays, My Art Studio is conducting a DramARTise programme that integrates process drama with art. The theme is ‘A Treasure Hunting We Go!’ and includes coffee & tea painting, clay moulding, and self portrait. The programme, which is suitable for kids 5-8 years old, will run from 20-22 March from 9am – 12pm/ 2pm -5pm and costs $265.
For enquiries, email them at or call them at 67373760!

My Art Studio
45 Burghley Drive #01-13
Burghley Lifestyle Hub
Singapore 559022

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