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Sheriff Callie’s Wild West on Disney Junior

The kids love Disney Junior and the latest animation series is another great reason to watch the channel. Sheriff Callie’s Wild West is in town! The Western for preschoolers is set in the frontier town of Nice & Friendly Corners and aims to impart social skills and lessons about good morals, manners and social ethics to children aged 2 to 7.

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Sheriff Callie’s Wild West features Callie, a calico cat sheriff voiced by Mandy Moore, her deputy sidekick Peck, a woodpecker, and Toby, an adorable talking cactus (the kids’ favourite character). Through their adventures, kids will learn about being a good friend and neighbour and pick up values such as displaying good sportsmanship and being honest. I think these values are really important when kids are at that age when they are learning how to socialise in a positive manner with their classmates and friends.

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Like all the other Disney Junior animation programmes, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West is visually very appealing to kids and the songs are catchy and energetic. Kids will be able to relate to the cuddly characters easily and be encouraged by how the characters make mistakes but learn from them. I watched an episode with the kids where Toby starts a cow-sitting business and eventually learns an important lesson in being responsible when things go wrong after he spends all his time sitting around drinking milkshakes instead of looking after the cows.

The show is on at 1pm every day and there are fun activities on the Disney Junior website where kids can play games or do some colouring. Tune in to Disney Junior to catch the adventures of Sheriff Callie and her friends!


Sheriff Callie

Disney Junior is giving away 5 goody bags, each consisting of a Disney Junior Sheriff Callie notebook, a cowboy vest and a sheriff star-shaped badge so kids can dress up like Sheriff Callie!

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Sheriff Callie's Wild West

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