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NoQ NoQ, Who’s There? Superheroes & Princesses!

Ok, that’s just a little joke of mine. When a friend told me about NoQ a couple of years back, I thought it was pronounced like ‘knock’ until he explained that it meant ‘no queue’. And that, of course, is the key selling point of NoQ Store. You can browse their wide selection from the comfort of your home and get your books delivered to you in 7-14 days. Delivery is free with a minimum order of $25.

These days, if I have time to read at all, I read e-books on my Kindle. But I do believe in buying lots of books for the kids or borrowing the books from the library when they can be found. We try to read to the kids every night and they are actually quite happy to read the same thing night after night and several times in one night! To ensure I’m not bored out of my mind reading the same book over and over, I buy many different books related to their current interests.

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For Anya, it’s all about Disney princesses, especially Elsa & Anna from Frozen. Adam is into superheroes like Superman and Batman. I like the Step Into Reading books because I can choose titles from the appropriate level to help Anya along in her reading journey. The paperbacks are only $4.19 each! Frozen: Big Snowman, Little Snowman is too easy for her but we love the illustrations; Frozen: A Tale of Two Sisters is more suitable.

I have a soft spot for Little Golden Books because they have been around forever and I used to read them as a child. They are also a very affordable $4.19 each and are attractively illustrated. Adam likes to flip through Frozen and his superheroes books.

The thing I like most about NoQ is their fantastic range: they have almost every book I want to buy and the prices are competitive. They also have discounts on various types of books ever so often. But the search function could be better. It’s not always possible to find the book I want by searching one of the key words and it takes a bit of trial and error to locate certain books. It’s still a very decent online bookstore though and I do appreciate the occasional sales.

Discount code for readers

From now until 31 July 2014, get 15% discount on all purchases at NoQ when you use the code DELPHINE at checkout.