Adam’s Swell Weekend in Hospital

On Friday, Adam kept complaining that his leg hurt and my mum and I thought it was because his shoes were a bit too tight for him. But we noticed that he had some insect bites on his ankle and his ankle was a bit swollen. A few hours later, his foot and calf were also swollen! My mum took him to a GP who prescribed some lotion for the bites. By that evening, however, his entire leg below his knee had swelled up until the skin was tight to the touch. He didn’t have a fever but Adrian decided to take him to the hospital.

Adam is generally very sensitive: he has sensitive airways, sensitive skin and some food allergies. It seems he had an allergic reaction to the insect bites and the bites got infected. His scratching made it worse. The doctors said it was cellulitis and started him on antibiotics but warned they might have to get a surgeon to take a look at his leg if the swelling in the calf didn’t subside. The next day, his leg was still swollen and itchy but at least he didn’t complain about any pain. He was in good spirits throughout, ate well and tried to run around even though he wasn’t supposed to.

Thankfully, he responded well to the antibiotics and was discharged on Mother’s Day. I was really worried about my little boy and I’m so glad that he’s home and safe. Best Mother’s Day present ever!

behind bars

behind bars

glum in a wheelchair

glum in a wheelchair

much happier

much happier

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