Daily Archives: May 16, 2014

Mother’s Day 2014


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My first Mother’s Day as a mother of three! I was happy because Adam had been discharged from hospital that morning but it was otherwise like any other day for me. No card/ flowers/ gift/ cake and I still had to do a lot of mothering. Adam didn’t get to make a gift in school for me because we were away in Penang at that time and the necklace Anya made was still hanging in her classroom. Adrian was too busy and tired with Adam in hospital to supervise the making of a card. Anya knew I was disappointed that there was no card so she hastily came up with one that evening on some scrap paper. That made my day a little brighter. Yes, it could be have been better, but I know I’m incredibly blessed to have 3 beautiful children to call me mother and I should focus on that instead and hope to see some improvement next year!