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Spreading the Looming Madness with a Giveaway!

I recently blogged about my looming addiction and I have a few more pieces I made recently that I’m quite proud of!

Photo 24-5-14 11 22 32 pm (400x400) Photo 29-5-14 10 25 27 pm (400x400) Photo 1-6-14 12 22 55 am (400x400)

The Kaleidoscope bracelet was really challenging for me because I have only one loom so I had to make half the bracelet, remove it and then transfer it to the other half. Terribly complicated! I’m so tempted to buy a second Rainbow Loom for these difficult designs.

I know some of you are probably wishing you had a second loom too. Or maybe you don’t even have one and you’re tempted to start. I get my bands from Twelve by Elly and they are kindly sponsoring an original Rainbow Loom kit (with metal hook) as well as the bands you’d need to make an Elsa charm!



Win an original Rainbow Loom kit with metal hook and refill packs in skin tone, turquoise and turquoise jelly worth a total of $50.60!

To qualify, simply do the following by WEDNESDAY, 4 JUNE 2014, 2359H (Singapore time):

1. Like the ‘In the Wee Hours’ Facebook page.
2. Like the ‘Twelve by Elly’ Facebook page.
3. Share this post (make sure it’s set as public) and tag a friend!

By the way, the stocks for Monster Tail kits and Loomey Time 3-packs at Twelve by Elly will be replenished in the 2nd week of June and they tend to fly off the shelves so be prepared! They still have the single Loomey Time watches though. If you’re buying online, there’s free registered shipping with purchases of at least $100 with the code FREESHIPPING.


Screenshot 2014-06-05 21.36.24 (2) (587x391)

Congrats to Lynne Wong! Please check your Facebook message inbox!