Daily Archives: July 11, 2014

Ice-cream for Petite Travellers

Some friends and I are collaborating on a travel blog Petite Travellers and it’s perfect for those with little ones. Travelling with kids is something we love to do and we hope this blog will be a useful resource for other parents. Recently, I blogged about 5 things to do in Georgetown, Penang over at Petite Travellers and also shared some photos on the Instagram account.

I’m happy to share that we are one of the blogs shortlisted for Best New Blog for Singapore Blog Awards 2014. We decided to celebrate with some ice-cream! Do check out Petite Travellers and if you like what you see, vote for us, like our Facebook page to be kept updated, and join our ice-cream celebration by adding the hashtags #icecreamforpetitetravellers and #omysba2014 to your ice-cream pictures!