Daily Archives: July 12, 2014

Huggies Ultra Pants in Action!

We’ve been using Huggies Ultra Pants on the two boys for a few months now and it’s working out very well for us. You can read more about David’s experience with Huggies Ultra Pants here. I love that it fits so well and is really absorbent so we never have to worry about any leakage. The key here is to buy the recommended size according to baby’s weight and not a bigger size which may result in the diaper not fitting as well and leaking.

Last month, we took the kids to Polliwogs at Vivocity for the Huggies Ultra Pants media event. The boys stayed dry and comfortable the entire time in their Huggies Ultra Pants. Adam was unstoppable and he was busy climbing up and down and in and out of the play area but I didn’t have to worry about his diaper at all. He was moving so quickly that it was hard for me to take photos of him!


David posed for a few fun pictures and showed off his Huggies Ultra Pants. He’s not quite crawling yet but is rolling all over the place and can cover quite a distance when he’s lying down on the bed just by scooting around as if he’s doing the backstroke in a pool. He is getting more mobile every day so I’m glad his Huggies Ultra Pants can keep up with him. When he does start crawling, I’ll be more than prepared!


During the event, we learnt more about the technology that goes into making Huggies Ultra Pants from a Kimberly Clark innovation expert. In a nutshell, Huggies Ultra Pants are a dream come true because of the following:

  • Easy open sides – no fumbling when you’re trying to change a wriggly child’s diaper in a tiny parents’ room!
  • New slim absorbent core technology – if the baby decides to sleep through the night, you can do a happy dance without sneaking in a diaper change.
  • Specially designed leakage protection band – no need to worry about diaper leaking at the most inconvenient moment
  • Wetness indicator – know if the diaper needs changing without having to peer into the diaper or playing a guessing game
  • Underwear-like design – perfect for kids like Adam who are transitioning to big boy underpants

If you still haven’t tried Huggies Ultra Pants, what are you waiting for? Go to Huggies and sign up for your free Huggies Pack today. Remember to get the correct size!