Happy 3rd Birthday, Adam!

Adam Turns 3

My dearest little boy, you are now 3 years old! You have been a middle child for 7 months but you don’t seem too affected by it. You are still your sweet and good-natured self and you are always loving towards your brother and to everyone else in the family. You are easy to love too and you dispense hugs and kisses readily. I love your kind heart and your cheeky sense of humour. Whenever you see me in a dress, you declare that my outfit is so nice and that I am ‘Princess Mummy of Arendelle’!

Lately, you have been throwing terrible tantrums and it’s impossible to reason with you and scolding you achieves nothing either. I know it’s a difficult age for you because you are thinking and feeling so much but not always able to express yourself as clearly as you would like. You are fond of asking me, “When I’m naughty, do you still love me?” and I always tell you that I love you all the time, no matter what.

It’s hard for you to be patient when you want something and get no for an answer because the notion of delayed gratification is not something you appreciate. You have a love-hate relationship with your sister as well. When I see the two of you playing so happily, I know that having more than one kid is the best decision ever. But when you fight with each other and scream at the top of your lungs, I just want to hide somewhere until the chaos is over!

I’m glad that you are enjoying school and that you have friends you like playing with. Chinese enrichment class for you is not the best use of my money, however, and you can barely remember anything you learn there!  And to think I actually tried speaking to you in Mandarin when you were a baby!

Going from 2 to 3 years old has been a big leap for you and you have grown so much, both physically and mentally, and reached so many milestones along the way. To be honest, the past year was quite a blur and I find myself wondering where my squishy, babbling little toddler has disappeared to!

I love you more than I can adequately put in words and it’s not just because you’re the only one of my three kids who looks like me! Your open and guileless nature touches my heart and I want to protect you and keep you safe. God bless you, my sweetheart. You have an exciting year ahead of you. 

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