Swensen’s Moonstruck! Mooncake Collection

It’s a week to Mid-Autumn Festival, one of my favourite traditional Chinese festivals! I love the colourful lanterns and I’m crazy about mooncakes. It’s difficult to find a box of mooncakes the entire family would be happy with. I only eat snowskin mooncakes, the husband likes chocolate in his desserts, Adam wants durian, Anya likes all things pink, and we all love ice-cream!

Swensen’s latest Moonstruck! ice cream mooncakes come in six delicious flavors: Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Strawberry Fields Forever, Queen of Earl Grey, Pink Guava Romance, Mango Fantasy, and Durian Royale. There’s something for everyone in the family! The mooncakes were really yummy and we enjoyed them tremendously.

crazy for ice-cream mooncakes

crazy for ice-cream mooncakes

Swensen's Queen of Earl Grey Mooncake

Swensen’s Queen of Earl Grey Mooncake

Swensen's Moonstruck! Mooncakes

Swensen’s Moonstruck! Mooncakes

Swensen’s Moonstruck! Mooncake Collection is priced at $32.80 for a box of 4 (with choice of flavours) or $8.60 per piece. Available until 8 September 2014 at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets. No pre-order required. Have a cool Mid-Autumn Festival!

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