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To The Lighthouse!

I was so excited when I found out there were tours to Raffles Lighthouse as part of this year’s Singapore HeritageFest, and by a stroke of luck, I managed to get a spot! Raffles Lighthouse is located on Pulau Satumu (One Tree Island), Singapore’s southernmost island, and is out of bounds to public. The lighthouse has been in operation since 1855 (more than 150 years).

We set off from Marina South Pier and passed several islands along the way. I realise that there is still so much of Singapore I have not explored. I haven’t even been to Sisters’ Islands, Lazarus Island or Pulau Hantu! Speaking of random Singaporean islands, you can see Pulau Senang from Pulau Satumu. I’ve included a photo of Pulau Senang below. In 1960, the island was used in a penal reform experiment, but riots resulted in the death of the Prison Officer and three of his assistants. It is one of three islands used for live-firing exercises today.

As our little ferry approached Raffles Lighthouse (and later when we stopped near Sultan Shoal Lighthouse), we were told not to take any photos of the communication towers because they are there for military purposes. But actually, if you Google Raffles Lighthouse or Sultan Shoal Lighthouse, you can see many pictures of the lighthouses with the communication tower visible in the photo. Anyway, I took so many photos on Pulau Satumu that I’m just going to dump them here.

DSC02992 (600x399)

Marina South Pier

DSC03005 (400x600)

our little boat

DSC03033 (600x401)

approaching the lighthouse

DSC03048 (600x401)

view of the breakwater on the left

DSC03052 (600x400)

which tree is the island named after?

DSC03056 (400x600)

steps down to walk around

DSC03070 (400x600)

splendid view of the lighthouse

DSC03079 (401x600)

you’ve been warned!

DSC03086 (600x401)

rocky beach

DSC03091 (600x400)

what’s in the bottle?

DSC03109 (401x600)

stone bench

DSC03118 (400x600)

up the stairs

DSC03128 (400x600)

the lens

DSC03173 (400x600)

outside of the lantern room

DSC03133 (600x401)

Pulau Senang

DSC03175 (600x400)

State Marine Ensign

DSC03187 (600x400)

sense of direction

DSC03198 (600x400)

back to our boat

DSC03260 (600x400)

Sultan Shoal Lighthouse

Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal

Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal

bye bye, boat!

bye bye, boat!