Wooden Kueh Moulds

I was in the midst of writing a long and angry tirade about some other blog using my photos without asking for my permission and without crediting me, but life’s too short to waste my time like that and they have also rectified the situation to the best of their ability. Long story short, always ask for permission if you want to reproduce someone’s content (words, photos, videos) in any form and always, always give credit.

So instead of a rant, I want to show off some wooden kueh moulds that I found this week! I know I’m a complete sucker for retro, nostalgic items but aren’t they just lovely? I’m not planning to make kueh of any sort (severely lacking in time, patience, ability, and know-how) so I’m probably going to stick these moulds up on my kitchen wall as decoration. I was showing them off to my mum and she said that mine are not authentic and she brought out her well-used ang ku kueh moulds (that have actually been used to make ang ku kuehs) to show off.

a basketful of wooden moulds

a basketful of wooden moulds

piglet and fish

piglet and fish

ang ku kueh moulds

ang ku kueh moulds

png kueh moulds

png kueh moulds

my mum's moulds

my mum’s moulds


10 thoughts on “Wooden Kueh Moulds

  1. Casslynn Ong

    This is so awesome! Can you share where you got the new wooden molds? I have been looking for them


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