The Rainbow Connection – Looming for Club Rainbow


Some friends and I are selling our Rainbow Loom creations to raise funds for Club Rainbow (Singapore). Club Rainbow is a registered charity committed to helping children and youths suffering from a range of chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses. The charity currently supports more than 600 children, youths and their families.

All proceeds from the sale of Rainbow Loom creations will go to Club Rainbow. On our part, we are giving our time and effort, as well as paying for postage and the cost of the bands. We are using only original Rainbow Loom bands so you can be sure that there are no safety issues with our loom creations! I’m happy to share that some of the Rainbow Loom bands that we are using have been sponsored by Rainbow Loom Singapore, and some by Twelve by Elly.

I will be taking orders (Singapore only) on my Facebook page from now until 31 October so please place your orders there. It will be $10 for princesses and rainbows and $20 for name bands (maximum of 5 alphabets). These are some of the loom creations you can order:

Photo 13-10-14 9 54 58 am (500x500)


Photo 18-5-14 12 23 53 am (500x500)


Photo 19-5-14 8 57 17 pm (500x500)


Photo 5-6-14 2 07 48 am (500x500)

name band

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