All in the Family

It’s amazing how different kids can be, even siblings within a family. Anya, Adam and David all have very distinct personalities and habits. Anya is confident, with a domineering personality. She likes things to be done her way and she bosses Adam around. She’s also very friendly and always makes at least one new friend whenever she’s out at the playground. Adam, on the other hand, is a sweet and sensitive boy who is happy to follow along in his sister’s schemes. He is terribly cheeky and mischievous but has the tendency to look out for others. David is a different story altogether but seems to take after his sister more!


It’s really interesting to observe their different quirks and characters and how they interact with each other. As parents, it’s also a challenge because discipline-wise, what works with one kid may not have any effect whatsoever on another! The kids sort of remind me of Bart, Lisa and Maggie of The Simpsons (except the genders are reversed). I can’t believe I have been watching that show since I was a kid! I used to look out for the things that Bart would write on the blackboard and the funny way the entire family would sit on the sofa right at the end of the intro.

This year is the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons (yes, it’s been THAT long) and Fox Fashion has a special ‘The Simpsons’ collection out in stores and you can see some of the products available on their Facebook page. It’s also a great time to start shopping for what you need for the holidays.

Disclaimer: All clothing sponsored by Fox Fashion Singapore.

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