Happy 1st Birthday, David!

David is ONE!

David is ONE!

I’ve been really busy and tired but it’s David’s first birthday today and I just had to take some time to pen down my thoughts. I never expected to have a third child but I’m so glad that God decided that I needed one. It wasn’t the smoothest of pregnancies and he gave us a few things to worry about. The delivery went well but there were some complications afterwards. He’s without a doubt my most difficult baby and very tiring to look after but he’s better-behaved now and gets away with almost anything anyway because he’s so cute.

His siblings adore him and love to play with him even though he can be quite a grouch and likes to pull his sister’s hair and smack his brother. He behaves like a cat and enjoys sitting in boxes, head-bumping people to show affection, destroying newspapers, and hiding under tables. He likes to eat plain white rice and bread but doesn’t care for durian! He has an incredibly, comically flat face with a little nose that barely sticks out of his face. Although he has hardly any hair, he often gets mistaken for a girl because he is so fair.

He has 5 little teeth at the moment with another one on its way out so he’s always chewing on things. His default look is one of great seriousness with a furrowed brow and he is not easily amused by strangers trying to coax a smile from him. He doesn’t like to be carried by anyone except for a select group of about 6 people. Apart from that particular group, he regards every one else as potential kidnappers and screams bloody murder if they attempt to carry him. He can stand on his own for quite a long time but doesn’t want to walk yet but I think it will happen soon.

Happy birthday, my little Onigiri. You are such an adorable baby and you are mine!

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