Oh, Help! Oh, No! It’s A Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. He meets a fox, an owl, and a snake and they each want to take a bite out of him, but he scares them all off by namedropping the Gruffalo, a creature with terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws!

The Gruffalo is based on the book of the same name by Julia Donaldson and the kids love the story of how a tiny little mouse manages to outwit several creatures who are all unquestionably bigger and scarier than he is. It’s definitely one of the most-read books in our household and it’s hard to imagine anyone improving upon this charming tale.

his eyes are orange, his tongue is black

his eyes are orange, his tongue is black

The Gruffalo does just that; bringing the story to life with engaging audience interaction, energetic acting, and lively, catchy songs. With a cast of just three people, The Gruffalo manages to give each character in the book a distinct appearance and personality. I love that the fox, the owl and the snake are not dressed up to look like their respective animals and that their costumes are interpreted in a creative manner.

For example, Snake is a flamboyant maracas-shaking narcissist dressed in a sparkly golden bandanna and a pompom-studded bolero. The kids laughed hysterically at his over-the-top antics and declared that he was their favourite character in the show. I am inclined to agree with them!

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

To be perfectly honest, there were some moments where I laughed louder than the kids! I didn’t expect to be so tickled by a children’s production but the impeccable comic timing, the witty dialogue, the impromptu jokes, and the physical comedy make this play a must-see for both kids and adults who love the story of The Gruffalo.

The kids enjoyed every moment of it and I loved seeing them so completely absorbed by the performance and giggling away at all the funny bits. They also had a great time roaring like the Gruffalo to scare away the poor Fox. It was a very enjoyable 55 minutes indeed.

The Gruffalo

our favourite character: the snake!

There are just 6 shows left so grab your tickets while you can! If you have watched the show, don’t forget to take a look at the fun Gruffalo stuff available for kids to do. You may wish to check out the Kidsfest 2015 website and Facebook page to find out more about all the other awesome upcoming performances for kids (and kids-at-heart). We are particularly excited about The Snail & The Whale and The Princess & The Pea!

What are you waiting for? Make a date with The Gruffalo before it’s too late!

with the Gruffalo himself!

with the Gruffalo himself!

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets to watch this performance. All opinions are my own.

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