Book Review: Animal Noises by Thomas Flintham

a tasty read

a tasty read

Baby D is not particularly fond of books. He likes to chew them, it must be said, but he doesn’t really care for the content inside. In fact, he likes to flip the page before I’m done reading the words. The only exception thus far is Animal Noises by Thomas Flintham.

Animal Noises is about the noises that animals make. The bright, contrasting colours capture his attention and he actually pauses at each page long enough for me to read the catchy rhyming couplet describing the sound made by that animal. Personally, I adore the whimsical illustrations and the quirky choice of colours. Purple cows on pink grass? Orange owls in blue trees? Why not, indeed?

looking at ducks

looking at ducks

Animal Noises introduces a child to animals on a farm and the sounds they make. Familiar animals such as ducks, donkeys, goats and sheep can be seen gallivanting around in the book. The lively drawings and happy colours remind me of Pop Art and make me feel like getting another copy so I can frame up some of the pages and display them on my wall. True story.

To be honest, I can’t bear to cut up the book, but it comes with 12 sturdy flashcards that can be cut out and used to teach animal sounds. I can totally imagine myself singing Old MacDonald had a Farm while referring to the animal on each card and the sound it makes.

he loves the bright colours

he loves the bright colours

Visually stunning and fun to read, Animal Noises is a lovely book for toddlers and is available from Book Depository for S$11.48.

Disclaimer: We received the book from Book Depository for review purposes. This review contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

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