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Book Review: Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe by Kate Leake

If you are mildly obsessed with the Royal Family like I am, or have a dog who simply can’t stop chomping on your shoes, you will love Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe by Kate Leake. Chips (short for Lord Chippington Marmaduke Fluffy Toes) is one of the Royal dogs, but unlike the Queen’s beloved corgis who are always on their best behaviour, Chips just can’t help chewing on the Royal Shoes!

Don't Chew the Royal Shoe

Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe

Every morning, Chip sneaks off with a Royal Shoe, and hides it in the garden so he can chew on it to his heart’s content. He eventually makes his way through all the Royal Shoes, even the Prince’s cute little baby booties. Of course, this drives the Queen quite mad, especially when she discovers that she had no matching shoes to wear to the Royal Garden Party!

Chip’s unrelenting chewing habit gets him into a lot of trouble with the Queen, but he redeems himself nicely by the end of the book. A greedy burglar sneaking into Royal Jewel Room late at night gives himself away when he trips nosily over the squeaky Royal Chewing Toys while trying to get his boots back from Chips.

Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe is very funny and children will enjoy looking at the splendid illustrations. You can spend loads of time just admiring all the different interesting details to be found on every page. Anya enjoys looking at the different Royal Shoes (her favourite is the Princess’s glass slipper!) and is very amused by the comical sight of all the people in the Palace standing around with only one shoe on. A lighthearted and heartwarming read, Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe is available from Book Depository for S$12.47.

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