Book Review: Goodnight Sleepy Babies by Janet Bingham & Sebastien Braun

Goodnight Sleepy Babies

Goodnight Sleepy Babies

When the kids have been running around the entire day and have had way too much fun and excitement, they find it hard to wind down and get ready for bed and can spend quite a bit of time just tossing and turning before they finally fall asleep.

A cozy little bedtime story always helps, and Goodnight Sleepy Babies by Janet Bingham and Sebastien Braun is a particularly good one to read when it’s time for little ones to sleep. The gentle rhymes help to calm the kids down and the adorable illustrations of sleepy baby animals snuggling close to their mummy will set the mood for bedtime. My favourite is the one of a cuddly panda cub yawning in mummy panda’s arms.

time for bed

time for bed

Daddy can't resist changing some of the words

Daddy can’t resist changing some of the words

even wallabies need to sleep

even wallabies need to sleep

From the monkeys in the rainforest and the songbirds in their treetop nests to penguins on the ice and otters in the sea, sleepy baby animals are nodding off to dreamland and will encourage your baby to do the same. Goodnight Sleepy Babies is the perfect book to help the little ones wind down at bedtime and it is available from Book Depository for S$12.40. It will be a great book to read to a kid who has just made the transition to his/ her own bed.

Disclaimer: We received the book from Book Depository for review purposes. This review contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

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