Full-Time (Working) Mum – Day in a Life Blog Train

What does a full-time working mum do on a weekday? Here’s a glimpse into a typical day in my life.


The alarm goes off. I summon every ounce of willpower, resist the temptation to press the ‘snooze’ button, and drag myself into the kitchen half-asleep to prepare the kids’ snack boxes and fill their water bottles. I set out their uniforms, underwear and socks so that the husband has an easier time getting them ready for school.

I wash up, get changed for work and hug and kiss any kid who happens to be awake at that time before I leave the house. Sometimes I’m asked why I’m going to work when it’s still night-time.

to the bus stop

to the bus stop

I head to the bus stop and when I’m on the bus, I read through Whatsapp and other text messages, try to clear my emails, and do a bit of reading. I spend way too much time wondering why people don’t move to the back of the bus.

7.10am – 2 or 3pm
I work. Work consists of teaching, marking, attending meetings, setting assignments, looking for students who owe work, handling admin stuff like consent forms and CCA matters, answering emails from colleagues, answering emails or calls from parents of students, etc.

In between, I field calls from the kids’ school or the school bus driver and sort out various forms for enrichment classes, excursions, parent-teacher conference, etc.

After lessons
Depending on which day of the week it is, I may have to stay back with students or accompany them during CCA. Otherwise, I take Adam to swim class or Anya to her English class or pick the kids from Berries. We take public transport so it can be quite a tiring process. If the afternoon is completely free, I try to run some errands or head to my mum’s place earlier to check Anya’s homework or just to hang out with the kids.

Adam at swim class

Adam at swim class

Dinner at my mum’s. We squeeze in our grocery shopping during this time, shop for other necessities, and also borrow/ return library books.

play time

play time

We head home and I catch up with the husband on the drive home. When we get home, I put away groceries, hang up wet clothes from swim class and/ or pack the bags for enrichment classes. We let the kids play a bit while I take a shower and then check their bags for forms that need to be filled in. After playing, the kids go to the loo, brush their teeth, and get ready for bed.

time for bed

time for bed

Bedtime! We read a story or a devotion, say a little prayer, and wait for the kids to fall asleep.

After the kids are asleep
I wash their snack boxes and water bottles, do some marking, try to blog, or read a little while the husband watches TV. If there’s enough time, I do a load of laundry before I go to sleep. Bedtime is usually about 11pm for me.

11pm – 6am Zzzzz…

Next up on the Day in a Life blog train is Dotz! Dotz is a SAHM to two little boys and a bunny! She blogs about family life, faith, craft adventures and fun outings at A Pancake Princess. In her free time, she loves scrapbooking and baking, and writes freelance for The New Age Parents, an online parenting magazine.


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4 thoughts on “Full-Time (Working) Mum – Day in a Life Blog Train

  1. Mary H

    Your post reminds me of my typical day in the past :) I remember I didn’t even have a chance to visit Orchard Road unless it was during my own school hols cos there was too much to do every day.


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