Fun in the Pool #FrisoMoment

The weather’s been crazy hot and there’s nothing the kids love more than to cool off in the pool! We have a swimming bag (with all our swimwear and everything else we might need) standing by near our door so we can head off for a swim at a moment’s notice.

Pool time is definitely a family activity for us because the boys are too young to be left in the pool on their own, so Adrian and I have to be in the pool with them at all times. Anya had swimming classes for two and a half years and she’s a lot more comfortable and competent in the water. We really enjoy splashing around in the water together as a family and it’s even better when we are hanging out with our friends and their family!

Adam with Daddy

Adam with Daddy

DSC03933 (600x400)

splashing good time

water babies

water babies

with mummies

with mummies

Do you beat the heat by jumping into the pool or hiding out in the air-conditioned comfort of an indoor playground? Share your own special parent-child experience at Friso Experiences. Simply upload a picture capturing your parent-child moment and instantly win a Friso Experiences Journal + Friso Vouchers. Stand to win weekly prizes and the grand prize of a year’s supply of Friso milk!

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