The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, has given birth and it’s a little PRINCESS! There’s a lot of speculation about what the name of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Cambridge is going to be, but whether it’s Charlotte, Alice, Elizabeth, or Alexandra, the princess will probably be able to buy a keychain with her name on it off the rack.

One of Anya’s major gripes is that she can never find her name on a ready-made keychain. I had the same problem until I visited Paris two years ago and discovered that my name was pretty common over there. So she was really excited when she got to the end of this book: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

In the book, a little girl wakes up to find that she had lost her name. She sets off bravely on an exciting adventure and meets an Aardvark, a Narbalek (that’s a little rock-wallaby!), a Yeti, and an Angel. They each give her the first letter from their name, and in doing so, help her to find her lost name!

lovely illustrations

lovely illustrations

I adore the unconventional characters in the book and the beautiful illustrations. Anya loves that the book is written just for her! When she reached the end and discovered her name printed there, she looked up with such a bright smile on her face.

something interesting is happening

something interesting is happening

the girl found her name!

the girl found her name!

I can imagine that any child would be delighted to see his or her name on such a charming little book, but this book will be extra special for children with uncommon names or names in other languages. It’s perfect as a full-month, birthday or Christmas gift and you can even personalise the dedication on the first page of the book.

You can get a preview of what the book for a particular name will look like over at the Lost My Name website and choose if you want it gift-wrapped. Each book is S$39.99 and shipping is free to any part of the world. This is a book that the child would want to hang on to even when he or she grows up. I know a few adults who would be ecstatic to get the this as a present too!

Disclaimer: We received the book from Lost My Name for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


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