CBeebies Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated CBeebies‘ birthday at Art Boot Camp on 11 July and the kids spent an hour sketching and colouring their favourite CBeebies characters and also decorated a giant birthday card for CBeebies. The highlight of the day for the kids was spending time with CBeebies mascots the Teletubbies, Super Numtum, and ZingZillas and cutting the birthday cake together.

Cbeebies birthday

CBeebies birthday

a group picture before heading for some artistic fun

a group picture before heading for some artistic fun

what's a birthday party without a cake?

what’s a birthday party without some cake?

welcoming the Zingzillas

welcoming the ZingZillas

and the Teletubbies

and the Teletubbies

Happy birthday, Cbeebies!

Happy birthday, CBeebies!

a photo with the mascots

a photo with the mascots

To extend CBeebies’ birthday celebrations to everyone, parents can also submit birthday shout-outs for their little ones and have it featured on the channel, CBeebies website as well as its Facebook page. Visit http://www.cbeebies.com/asia/grown-ups/birthday-shout-out for more information.

All throughout July, CBeebies has also scheduled special birthday programmes on the channel. Send CBeebies well-wishes on their birthday month and stand a chance to win a trip toCBeebies Land in the UK. Visit http://www.cbeebies.com/asia/grown-ups/birthday-competition to submit your entries.


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