Care for your Car with EuroAuto Lounge

Unless you rule the car with the iron fist of Stalin, chances are, at some point, the kids have eaten in your car. More likely than not, things eaten in the car have also, at some point, ‘re-emerged’ in the car. Those mats you put in to trap dirt and dust? They have, unfortunately, done their job too well, foiling your half-hearted attempts to vacuum and clean them.

the sad state of our car

the sad state of our car

All this can lead to some pretty nasty things happening to your car. Apart from the general accumulation of dirt and grime, cars can be the perfect home for roaches and other creepy crawlies. Worse still, the air-conditioning system can harbour all kinds of fungus and bacteria that your kids will end up breathing in.

what's that squashed there??

what’s that squashed there??

Our car sees some serious (child) abuse, so the good people at EuroAuto Lounge stepped in to help. EuroAuto Lounge offers a full Interior Sanitisation & Anti-Pest Fumigation service, which is designed not only to thoroughly clean your car, but to ensure that all pests, large and microscopic, are eradicated.

The process involved bagging all items left in the car (you are encouraged to remove as many items as you can from the car ahead of time) and then fogging the car. This was followed by a thorough cleaning and check for pests and cocoons. This is extremely labour and time intensive, but the guys didn’t miss a spot. We found 3 cockroaches, which I have named after the children.

look what they found in the car!

look what they found in the car!

They next vacuumed the car and proceed to give every surface a good clean. EuroAuto Lounge uses only reputable products from suppliers such as KochChemie and Promed, and the cleaning worked wonders.

The final step in the process involved running the air conditioning system at full blast while they carried out ozonic sanitisation. The car smelt completely different- not the scent of air fresheners masking odours, but the actual absence of odours altogether!

The entire process takes the whole day, and since there is fair amount of waiting for the fogging to settle down, why not have your car polished and groomed as well? We did just that, and at the end of the day, the car was clean, sparkly and healthy inside and out.

looks like new!

looks like new!

EuroAuto Lounge recommends that the cleaning be done 3-monthly, and after experiencing the vast difference before and after, I can’t wait for the next session.

EuroAuto Lounge
51 Jalan Tua Kong
Singapore 457250
Tel: +65 6635 7398
Operating Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays
10am to 6pm (Closed on Public Holidays)

Disclaimer: We received the following complimentary services from EuroAuto Lounge: Exterior Polish Paint Correction (3-Stage Exterior Glow) and Interior Sanitization with Anti-Pest Fumigation services (2-Stage Interior Fumigate). This post was written by Adrian, father of the Wee ones.

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