Open House 2015 – Anya’s Puppets

Every year, the kids in nursery and up are given a theme for Project Work and they spend most of the year learning about and doing activities based on the theme. Each class is given a different theme and Anya’s class had Puppets.

Coincidentally, the National Museum had shadow puppet shows and puppet-making workshops as part of their programme for Masak Masak so we managed to learn a lot about puppets there and her project was based on what she did at the museum.

We were most impressed by the amount of effort put in by the students and teachers. There were so many different types of puppets on display. They even put up two performances: one in Chinese, and one in English. The puppets for the performance were all made by the students.

My favourite bit was a little book with a story written (in Chinese!) and illustrated by Anya. The story was about her baby brother running off to climb a mountain on his own and how every one had to run around looking frantically for him. She made a glove puppet to represent each member of the family in the story. Definitely a precious piece of work that I will be putting into her memory box!

Anya's project

Anya’s project

imagining a peacock puppt

imagining a peacock puppt

she made a blue puppet

she made a blue puppet

glove puppet

glove puppet

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