David’s Birth Story told by Daddy

I wrote a birth story for each child after every birth so for this Birth Stories blog train, I’ve invited the husband to tell the story of David’s birth from his side of things. For the record, my greatest achievement for this birth was remembering to put on some tinted lip balm before the delivery. You can read the birth stories for Anya, Adam and David at the respective links if you’re interested.

this birth story is written by Adrian

this birth story is written by Adrian

You arrived in a whirlwind of chaos. I don’t remember much of the pregnancy. Bear in mind that, at this time, your sister and brother were 4 and 2 respectively and always up to no good. I do remember that they were very excited about their new brother, and asked almost every day when you would get here.

I also remember that we had a scare early on when one of your tests came back slightly dodgy- there was a higher-than-normal chance that you would have Down’s, or worse. Things were difficult for a while as your mum and I did a lot of praying and planning for the worst. Fortunately, further tests assured us that you were ok (save that there is no test for extreme naughtiness).

The birth was over before we knew it. Like old pros, we made sure to have a nice dinner before we checked into the hospital. I think this time I actually managed to get some sleep that night. They came early in the morning to wheel your mum away [editor’s note: he makes me sound like a dim sum cart!] and I was off to wait in the Dad’s waiting room. Sitting there with other nervous family members, it felt familiar, and I was reminded of the many sleepless nights that were to follow, as well as the countless moments of joy that I was sure to have with you as you grew up.

The doc paged for me, and I went to put on my scrubs. No explanation was needed (old pro, remember?) and, before long, I was in the operating theatre. You came out just like your siblings – bad tempered, covered in gunk and generally gross. You were a lightweight, not much bigger than a guinea pig, but screamed like a 2 ton banshee.

calm before the storm

calm before the storm

I left you to the nurses and went upstairs to wait for Mum. That was where the drama started. An hour stretched into 2, and then 3. It was close to noon before the doctor called me to tell me there had been some complications but that it had all been resolved. Apparently, they couldn’t stop the bleeding and your mum had to be put under general anaesthetic for more comprehensive repair work [editor’s note: now I sound like a broken-down car]. The last thing she heard was the doctor saying “cancel all my appointments!”. Mum is sure to remind you all about how she almost died giving birth to you, every time you are naughty.

first meeting

first meeting

Watching your sister and brother meet you for the first time was priceless. They were so excited to meet you, and haven’t stopped being crazy about you since. We weren’t expecting you to come into our lives, but now that you are here, we can’t imagine life without you.

leaving the hospital with you

leaving the hospital with you

This post is part of the Birth Stories’ Blog Train hosted by Owls Well. To read other exciting birth stories please click on the picture below.

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Yann is a mother to two little men who, unfortunately, believe strongly that sleep is for the weak. Therefore, she sleeps too little (for her liking) and drinks too much teh-si. She suffers from Acute Mother Guiltilitis and is also addicted to writing and photography.

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2 thoughts on “David’s Birth Story told by Daddy

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  2. Debs G

    My word! That must have been scary for you, waiting for your wife to come out from recovery only to be told that she’d gone through a 3+ hour surgery. Fortunately everything turned out ok.

    By the way, I like that picture of you with the pillow under your shirt and the unopened packet of snacks on the hospital bed! Cheeky!


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