A Safer City with AXA Born to Protect

The other day, a friend of mine dreamt that another friend had fallen out of a window of a high-rise building. In the dream, she quickly grabbed his leg but it starting slipping from her grip and she woke up in a fright. To her surprise, her baby girl was sitting upright on the floor and my friend was grabbing on firmly to her wrist. Her baby daughter had fallen off the bed and my friend had grabbed her instinctively in her sleep so the baby didn’t hit her head on the floor!

We are all born to protect. Whether it is our loved ones or those under our charge, we feel a sense of duty towards them and want to keep them safe. Even when I read about a stranger getting injured during work or at home in some accident, my heart goes out to them, especially if the accident was due to something that could have been easily prevented. When the injured party is the breadwinner of the family, then the entire family also suffers when he or she is unable to work. For instance, what happens to a chef and his elderly mother when he gets badly hurt in a fire in the restaurant? Watch this AXA commercial to find out.

A Safe City with AXA Born to Protect

A Safer City with AXA Born to Protect

We are all born to protect, but for AXA, it’s a calling. The commercial above is based on a true story and an AXA Claims service manager helped the chef by expediting his claims, getting a doctor and physio to treat his arm and a social worker to talk to his elderly mother, and making sure the renovations and repair for the restaurant began immediately so that he could return to work once he had recovered.

To demonstrate its Born to Protect spirit, AXA has launched a Safer City Contest! You can submit ideas on how to make Singapore a safer city and AXA will pick 3 ideas to turn into reality. Think about a time when you or someone you know were injured in an accident that could have been easily prevented with something as simple as adding non-slip mats or hand rails.

The top 3 entries will have a chance to see their ideas come to life. The first 100 entries will get $30 shopping vouchers. To take part, SMS AXA <space> Name <space> NRIC <space> your ideas to 76677. Winners will be announced on AXA Singapore Facebook page on 16 November, Monday. #AXASingapore #BorntoProtect #AXASaferCity

To make protection fun and accessible, AXA will be transforming four bus stops’ posters into mega-sized capsule dispensers. Inspired by toy capsule dispensers in the 80s, all it takes is a push of the button on the dispenser to receive free capsules containing Band-Aids, mosquito patches, medicated ointment or cough drops. The four different capsule items will be rotated on a weekly basis.

The locations of the four bus stop dispensers are: Bugis Street (opposite Bugis Junction), Dhoby Ghaut (at Plaza Singapura), Marine Parade (beside Parkway Parade) and Church Street (beside OCBC Centre). Share the locations of these dispensers with your friends by snapping a picture with the hashtags #AXAsingapore #BorntoProtect #AXASaferCity and tagging your location as well.

I think people were too enthusiastic with this dispenser!

I think people were too enthusiastic with this dispenser!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by AXA Singapore.

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