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The Best is Yet to Be

And just like that, we have been married for ten years! What an incredible journey it has been. We started out with just the two of us and along the way, the three kids came along and completed our family. In 10 years, we¬†have moved once, changed cars 3 times, gone on to his 2nd job and my 3rd, and put on lots of weight together. It wasn’t always smooth sailing and we have had our fair share of arguments. But truly, he is my best friend and partner. I could not ask for more.

STP-AnyaAdamDavid-0074 (600x401)

Mr Right & Mrs (Always) Right

STP-AnyaAdamDavid-0079 (600x401)

to have and to hold

STP-AnyaAdamDavid-0093 (600x401)

always having fun together

STP-AnyaAdamDavid-0095 (600x401)

and many more years to go

Grow Old Along With Me
The Best is Yet to Be!