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Danish Brand JYSK at Courts

We are huge fans of IKEA and love to browse the furniture and other knick knacks there while feasting on some Swedish meatballs along the way. But location-wise, it’s not the most convenient for us and the queues for the carpark and cashiers can be quite a nightmare in the evenings and on weekends.

So we were delighted that Danish furnishing brand JYSK was going to be launched at Courts Bukit Timah. JYSK is Denmark’s biggest furniture retailer and a trusted supplier of the royal Danish Court. The JYSK range at Courts offers shoppers nearly 1,000 high quality and affordably priced products.

At Courts Bukit Timah, you can find bestsellers such as the Box Elevation Bed, the Wellpur memory foam pillows and Kronborg duvets. There are furniture items such as sofas and coffee tables. I liked their range of home accessories such as vases, decorative signs, towels and rugs. And there’s stuff for the little ones too! The kids were happy to see big and small stuffed toys, sand and water toys, as well as pop-up tents and tunnels for crawling around in. We eventually left with towels, an exercise mat, a first-aid kit and a collapsible picnic basket.

DSC_1128 (600x400)

JYSK at Courts

DSC_1126 (600x400)

unicorn and other stuffed animals

DSC_1102 (600x400)

grills, water bottles, pegs, exercise mats, toys, bins, etc.

DSC_1089 (600x400)

bathrobes, towels, pillows

DSC_1091 (600x400)

rugs and carpets

DSC_1099 (600x400)

bed sheets, quilts, pillow cases

DSC_1096 (600x400)

decorative lamps and containers

DSC_1097 (600x400)

crockery and cutlery

DSC_1092 (600x400)

sofas and other furniture

DSC_1103 (600x400)

outdoor furniture

DSC_1100 (600x400)


JYSK at Courts Bukit Timah is a convenient one-stop shop with all your basic homeware and furnishing needs and is definitely worth checking out!

Courts Bukit Timah
191 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588181
11.00am to 10.00pm
*Free 2 hours parking by redemption

Disclaimer: We received store credit for JYSK products at Courts Bukit Timah. All opinions are my own.