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Hello, Gruffalo!

It seemed like just another ordinary Saturday morning but the kids were actually in for a treat! The Gruffalo dropped by and paid us a visit to the delight of the older children (and the horror of the younger ones).

The kids adore the Gruffalo (terrible tusks and all) and love to read about him, watch him on DVD, and see him in action on the stage. So when the Gruffalo himself appeared at their grandfather’s doorstep with his knobbly knees and turned out toes, they were beside themselves with excitement!

The babies were a bit frightened of this creature with orange eyes and purple prickles, but when it was time for him to go, they decided to put aside their fear and gave him high fives and hugs. The older ones couldn’t bear to see him go and followed him all the way to the lift.

20160123_111508 (400x600)

who’s that coming out of the lift?

20160123_111120 (399x600)

it’s their beloved Gruffalo!

20160123_111311 (400x600)

the little ones were not so enamoured

IMG-20160123-WA0007 (399x600)

I just wanted to hug the cuddly guy

20160123_111509 (401x600)

Bye bye, Gruffalo! Please come back again!

You can still catch The Gruffalo and the other forest creatures from the story at SOTA Drama Theatre tomorrow at 10 am, 12 pm and 3 pm. The Gruffalo is one of 6 productions being performed over 4 weeks (from now until 14 Feb) for Kidsfest 2016 and it’s extremely entertaining for the whole family!

Also check out the other Kidsfest 2016 shows – Room on the Broom, I Believe in Unicorns, Snow Child, Little Red Riding Hood, and Aliens Love Underpants – because tickets are selling fast!

A Smashing Time with The Tennis Club

It’s the end of the first week of 2016 and if your new year’s resolutions are already starting to look a bit out of reach, consider taking up a new sport!

I wanted to be a bit more active because being out of shape and sluggish all the time is not fun at all, so I started a term of tennis lessons at The Tennis Club with my sister. The husband has been playing tennis at The Tennis Club for a couple of years now and enjoys his sessions tremendously.

To be honest, I was quite nervous about the whole thing because I have zero stamina, I’m not the sporty kind AT ALL, and my hand-eye coordination leaves much to be desired. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that tennis is actually a lot of fun, even for someone who doesn’t like physical activity!

DSC00962 (400x600)

So psyched to be starting tennis lessons!

DSC00966 (600x400)

explaining the basics to two clueless women

DSC00968 (600x400)

the husband attempted an artistic shot

DSC00976 (399x600)

getting familiar with swinging the racquet

DSC00979 (399x600)

I don’t even know what’s going on here

DSC01027 (600x399)

getting some help with my forehand

DSC01040 (600x400)

is this how it’s done?

DSC01055 (600x400)

picking up the balls

DSC01106 (400x600)

learning to serve

In the first few lessons, the focus was mainly on getting us familiar with the basics of forehand, backhand, serves, etc. with some drills and exercises. In the subsequent lessons, while still practicing the basics, my sister and I would also try to keep the ball in play up until the point our coach had to step in and rescue us.

Our coach Stephen Pellow has the patience of a saint (and a sense of humour) so the sessions are never tedious or stressful. I like how he constantly gives us little tips and reminders of what to look out for and switches things up if he sees that something is not working out too well for us.

After that first term of lessons, my sister and I decided to sign up for another term because the tennis lessons at The Tennis Club are truly something we look forward to every week. So whether your resolution is to lose weight/ keep fit/ try something new, consider taking that first step with some tennis lessons!

The Tennis Club
200 Turf City
Singapore 287994
Tel: 6466 2643

Disclaimer: We received a term of lessons from The Tennis Club. All opinions are my own.