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Blossom Beats Floral Display at Gardens by the Bay

It’s sakura season in Japan but we are stuck here in Singapore and it’s so HOT! So what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to escape to the refreshingly cool Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay for their Blossom Beats floral display? This beautiful display is on for a limited time only and ends this Sunday. It’s also super popular and the queues are quite daunting so go early or buy your tickets online before heading down.

DSC08496 (600x400)

lovely photo spot

DSC08509 (399x600)

view from above, spot the cosplayers

DSC08507 (400x600)

Adrian and David

DSC08500 (400x600)

close-up of some blossoms

DSC08525 (600x400)

David was very interested in the drum

DSC08554 (400x600)

such pretty flowers

DSC08537 (399x600)

pointing at random flowers

DSC08549 (600x400)

even the leaves are nice to look at!

DSC08566 (400x600)

tulip magnolias

DSC08579 (401x600)

cosplayers galore

DSC08594 (399x600)

fluffy blooms

DSC08580 (600x399)

Torii gate